Why Skydive with us?

Why Skydive with us?

We know that we aren’t the only company in Australia that offers the incredible experience that is tandem skydiving, but there’s a few reasons why you should book with us over anyone else…



Did you know that some of our crew have over 25,000 skydives under their belts? Wow! Our instructors have helped many, many people experience the thrill of a lifetime, and there is really no better place for you to put your trust than our skydiving crew.

They’ve also represented Australia in competition, with some of our team being national and world champions in the sport of skydiving. They absolutely love what they do and want nothing more than to help guide you through one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Whether you’re super excited to jump or a little nervous, our instructors will ensure that you have an incredible time!



One of the biggest concerns for those choosing to go skydiving is safety. So, safety is at the forefront of our minds at all times!

At Skydive Australia, we use the latest designed micro-sigma containers and student harnesses, which means they are the safest, most sophisticated and the most comfortable harnesses that money can buy. Our canopies (a.k.a parachutes) are sourced from the leading manufacturer and provide total serenity in flight, without losing the feeling of freedom!

Speaking of parachutes, our parachute lines (the things that hold the parachute to your tandem instructor’s harness) are some of the toughest in the world, and are made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Our rigs are also fitted with automatic activation devices, which means that your reserve canopy will automatically be deployed should your main canopy not open for any reason (which is a super rare occurrence, we might add).



Just a quick look at our social media pages will tell you that yes, we do have the BEST beach landings! There’s no better feeling after freefalling through the sky than to land back on the ground, with your feet hitting the soft sand. Plus, you get to watch the waves rolling in from above as you float down – how awesome is that?



If you see a Skydive Australia 15,000ft jump advertised for a lower price we will match that bad boy in a heartbeat.  All you have to do is call our friendly team and show us where you’ve seen our product advertised at a cheaper rate.

It’s no secret that skydiving is our passion, and that we absolutely love what we do. Everyone in the Skydive Australia team has the same can-do mindset, and we’re always committed to making your skydive a safe and memorable experience that you’ll NEVER forget.



At Skydive Australia, we’ve got the largest fleet of aircraft of ANY skydiving company in the country. Most of our planes are Cessna Turbo Prop Grand Caravans, which means they fly faster, they fit up to 10 tandem passengers at one time and they’re way comfier than other planes!

Our aircraft are also serviced regularly by our amazing team at our specialised Aircraft Maintenance Centres, ensuring they are always in tip-top condition.



That’s right, no booking fee. Zero. Zlitch.

When you book directly with us, you just have to pay for your jump & any extras and that’s it. No hidden fees or surprises at checkout! PLUS, you’ll score an additional $20 voucher to spend on skydiving merchandise when you get to the drop zone!


So, have we convinced you to book with us yet? All you need to do now is choose which location you want to see from the skies!

Book your skydive today!

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